About Us

We started this firm because we want to do things the right way. That means doing what works for an individual client – not just doing things the way they’ve been done year after year. We’re in this to win. That’s what motivates us.

The BZD team has decades of experience winning campaigns and producing direct mail for candidates and elected officials at all levels of office. From overseeing voter contact programs that led to historic gains for Democrats nationwide in 1998; to working at the side of Rahm Emanuel to win back the majority in Congress for Democrats in 2006 then grow that majority in 2008; to executing the landmark defeats of Allen West and Mary Bono Mack in 2012; to winning all our Democratic incumbent races and even defeating incumbent Republicans in 2014 against the GOP wave, we know what it takes to win tough races. We’ve been doing it for years.

We’re not a factory. We focus on select races and put the weight of our entire shop and our decades of experiences from coast to coast behind each client. That means:

You Get the Partners, Not a Junior Staffer. Our partners have over 30 years of experience managing winning campaigns, developing memorable messages and delivering them to the right people using cutting edge techniques and creative persuasion mail that stands out. We do not hand over client management to an account representative. We’re engaged on a daily basis.

We Will Do What it Takes to Help YOU Win. Our entire firm will be with you the entire way, even if the smartest budget decision is to not do any direct mail at all. We’re general strategists at your disposal 24/7 with no retainer.

Your Communication will be Targeted to Get the Right Messages to the Right People. Our targeting chops have been honed for decades through the expansion of microtargeting and introduction of dynamic modeling. And we use corporate targeting strategies to coordinate direct mail with your campaign’s online advertising to the same individuals with no wasted dollars. We do this to get your message delivered to the people that matter, burn it in, and win.

We Will Assess Our Impact on the Fly. Sometimes the best-laid plans don’t work. And sometimes they work better than expected. You shouldn’t have to wait until the day after the election to know how you’re doing. That’s why we work with you on real time assessments of our mail programs by testing the efficiency of our persuasion through dynamic modeling programs when the mail is dropping.