Our Team

Achim Bergmann, Partner

A veteran Democratic strategist and campaign manager who got his start registering voters for Clinton-Gore ’92 in California, Achim has managed over $100 million in campaigns and programs for candidates in all 50 states from city council to President, including the $20 million direct mail program for Al Gore’s presidential campaign in 2000. Achim served as a key state strategist for the Democratic National Committee and under Rahm Emanuel at the DCCC, helping engineer a historic 30-seat gain for Democrats in Congress in 2006. As a strategic consultant for the Democratic Governors Association, Achim worked closely with candidates and incumbent Governors to build strong campaigns. He’s developed and executed winning direct mail programs for Democratic candidates, independent expenditures and major initiatives across the nation.

Direct: 202.423.3038
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Alex Zwerdling, Partner

Alex is a Massachusetts native who has been winning tough campaigns for over 15 years as a campaign manager, union organizer, and strategist. With the DCCC’s Independent Expenditure program in 2008, he directed $24 million in political communications for 21 targeted House districts. As political director for House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer, Alex oversaw the Leader's political giving and candidate fundraising operation. Today, he serves as a direct mail and strategic consultant for clients including members of Congress, labor unions, and progressive organizations from coast to coast. Alex, his wife, and their daughter, Nava live in Washington, DC.

Direct: 202.360.4871
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