Congrats Governor!

Congratulations to our friend and client Ned Lamont, who was sworn in today as the 89th Governor of Connecticut.

We’re proud of Ned for championing property tax cuts, common sense gun laws, and gender and racial equality, and we know he’ll continue these tough battles in his next four years as Governor.

Running in a tough environment for Democrats statewide, Lamont needed to communicate that he would be different and break from establishment politics to bring real change to Hartford. This is the theme we emphasized throughout his mail, using compelling, eye-catching pieces that expressed his vision for Connecticut.

At the same time, we had to drive the message that his opponent, Bob Stefanowski, would be an extension of the Trump administration, and that his radical tax plan would make Connecticut’s already suffering economy even worse.

We were honored to be part of a great team that helped Ned win and look forward to the great things he’ll do!